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We practice a low-impact viticulture, and for the 2019 harvest we will be officially certified as an organic producer. Our vineyards lie on the sandy white soil of our gentle hills, a terroir that proved perfect for the Cortese grape.

Years ago we stopped using chemical herbicides and drastically reduced any intervention that could have been harmful to the environment. Our viticulture is now based on mechanical techniques and on sustainable agriculture.

Pesticides Free

Our wine is free from pesticides (read PDF Multiresiduale Campagna 2017). All the activities performed in the vineyard respect the biological cycle of the vine across the different seasons. We use the Guyot pruning system, and prune the vines in February and March, during the late winter dormancy. Our viticulture preserves the quality of the vines while at the same time protecting the environment.
When the bud-burst is complete, the canopy is trellised and leaves in excess are removed. With a good canopy management, the main fungal diseases of the vine and of the grape can be controlled effectively, thereby allowing us to greatly reduce treatments.

In highly productive years, the bunches in excess are removed to keep the yield low and the quality high.
We don’t use any chemical herbicide: weed control is carried out only by mechanical means (mowers and undervine cultivators). Mildew (downy and powdery) and insect pests are controlled by the skillful application of sustainable operations and products (organic products, ‘resistance inductors’, ‘sexual confusion’, natural pyrethrum).

Harvest begins when both the vineyard manager and the oenologist think that the grapes are perfectly ripe.

RaggioGavi D.O.C.G
“In the glass, our Gavi shows a beautiful intense straw-yellow color. Pleasant fruity aromas emerge together with elegant floral and mineral notes. Its flavor is fresh, rich and savory, and the finish is clean and long.”

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